Get an Instant Green Thumb With these Great Gardening Tips

Don't feel that just because you don't have a green thumb that you shouldn't try gardening. Plants and flowers will naturally thrive when given the right conditions. When choosing a plant, make sure you understand what its specific needs are. Lets go through an outline of what many gardeners might consider to be the basics of a thriving garden.
Many novice gardeners start off with too much enthusiasm and end getting in over their head. Trying to jump in with both feet and take on the task of re-creating a display garden is a daunting task that many new gardeners unwittingly take on. It's a positive thing to keep your goals in mind, but you'll be better served by starting small. Don't get in over your head, but rather start small because developing a mastery of gardening can take years. Start small and let your experience guide you as your increase your garden size from year to year. This allows you to focus fully on your plants without trying to juggle too many gardening tasks.

Every gardener has to deal with the issue of insects and other pests. You don't want to go through the trouble of planting only to have your plants eaten or made sick by pests. On the other hand, many people today are health and environmentally conscious and don't want to use powerful pesticides. What you might want to do is check out natural alternatives you can use. You can find some surprisingly effective pesticides that have mint, onion, or garlic as main ingredients. If your garden is overrun with ants, you can use salt, which is a natural repellant for these insects. There are many natural ingredient options to repel pests that pose little harm and are much less expensive than traditional pesticides.
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You can grow plants indoors during the cold months until the ground is more suitable for planting. This is an incredibly safe way to get started with a new garden - any time of year - because the seedlings are so well protected. If you plant them outdoors in early spring, there's a good chance that a late frost will kill them and you'll have to start all over. You'll have much better odds of success if you wait as little as an extra month before you begin.
It's way too easy to get caught up in the process of creating your first garden that you never get it done. Starting small means you only have up to go from here. A truly successful garden will be one you enjoy being in so make sure there are plenty of plants you love in your garden. The above gardening tips can serve you well as you get started in one of the most rewarding activities of all.

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